About Josh…

Josh Thomas-Powell

Photography for me originally began at a young age, actually through a love of filmmaking. Over the years’ of developing my skills as a film maker, I was never truly happy with any of the short films I created! However, like with anything in life, with more persistence I gradually found myself developing these skills into still photography. From there I started focusing on telling stories through single images instead. And just like that, I felt like I’d found my direction and would never look back!

Of course, taking a break from the camera is also extremely important to me! Not only for reflection, but allowing myself to develop an idea in my mind creatively. So when I’m not capturing weddings and portraits, I love an adventure and spending time with my fiancé Emma. We love traveling around the beautiful Greek islands together. Although I am a ‘professional photographer’, when traveling I can’t resist throwing my iPhone in my pocket and being creative with that!.. as they say, “the best camera you have is the one on you.”

I love focusing on all the little details in life, and over the years I have refined my style to transpire this into my images. Clients often come to me with new and interesting concepts of their own which I love to fulfill. I love collaborating with my clients, bringing each idea to the table to create something unique.

As I have mentioned on my homepage, the thing I love about being a wedding photographer is knowing that no two shoots are the same, every client for me is new and exciting! From capturing weddings, to photographing a family event, I always ensure that I tailor their experience and create the perfect images for my clients.

When I’m not capturing weddings I am always staying creative with a camera. To remain in the creative world, I love collaborating with other artists in different creative industry’s. Alongside other personal and commissioned photographic projects, I work closely with professional pianists, composers and actors combining our creative skills to produce commercial work.